Lajee Center on Monday, wrapped up the “Sounds of Freedom” 2018 tour in the United Kingdom, which included cultural art performances by the Music and Dance troupes in different parts of the UK.

The tour, which kicked off on the first of August for 20 days, included eight performances in different cities in the UK: London, Glasgow, Dumbarton, Belfast, Halifax, Nelson and Barley. 

The performances represented the traditional Palestinian identity through the Dabka dance, as well as heritage and patriotic songs performed by the music group regarding the Palestinian struggle.

In between the two performances, the film “We Have A Dream to Live Safe” by Lajee’s Mohammad Alazza was screened. The film portrays life in Aida Refugee Camp from a child’s point of view, enlightening audience members on the lived realities of the children they were watching perform.

The biggest performance took place in London with over 350 people in the crowd. This included performances by a london-based dance troupe, Hawiyya and Lowkey, a British-Iraqi rapper and activist based in London, who raps about standing in solidarity with Palestine.

In London, the Lajee group was also interviewed by BBC radio and the British Muslim TV to talk about the tour and the center.

In addition, while in Belfast,  the Lajee performers were graciously invited on a historical tour of cemetries of Irish prisoners who had passed away in pursuit of their struggle for independence, the seperation walls and grafitti tributes to the prisoners of war.

Irish-Palestinian relations have always been strong, as they share a common history of political struggle for independence under occupation. Both countries also greatly acknowledge the role of poliitcal prisinors in their struggle for independence.

Despite the success and the hard work to perfect the trip, three members of the group were not allowed to pass at the Jordanian airport as their supervisor had a security check, and was detained at the Israeli border for 10 hours before being sent back to the West Bank.

In addition, the group refused to perform in the European Football Cup since the platform had the Israeli flag. The organizers refused to remove the flag, and so the group withdrew from the field.

However, Lajee Center would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the tour, starting with the brilliant children of the music and dance groups, the supervisor and organizers, and everyone who attended the performances and supported Lajee and its work towards a free Palestine.

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