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The Environment Festival

Lajee Center and 1for3 have achieved the establishment of the Green Space on the roof of Lajee Center. This was made possible with funds from Grassroots International as well as 1for3.

Invitations were sent out in anticipation for this day. Our gardeners were working hard each week to advance the garden in order to be ready for the Environment Festival. Thanks to all the participants, the final work was finished, and we are proud of the result! At last, we could welcome our partners, the families of children who contributed their hard work these last few weeks and directors of public and private schools as well as representatives of Bethlehem's environmental centers.

We opened Lajee Center on Wednesday, the 27th of March at 10am to welcome all the people who wanted to admire our work. We began the opening ceremony with a performance of our musicians who played the Palestinian national anthem.  Shatha Al-Azza – Lajee Center’s director of the Environment Unit, gave an introduction briefly describing the history, objectives and activities of the Environment Unit.


Thereafter, a speech by Salah Ajramah – Director of Lajee Center, took place. He first welcomed the participants, partners, visitors, participants, students, and volunteers. He concluded by inviting participants to visit the garden on our roof.

Faced with the dire situation of lack of space in the camp, Shatha Al Azza ideated and initiated the roof gardens. This is the only solution for creating space for crops and grenery. In addition to a decorative purpose, the construction of a roof garden can contribute to multiple interests for water management, food production, compost recycling, improvement of air quality, etc.


Sustainable environmental management and the option of sustainable development are now a global concern. Environmental changes, mainly due to human activities, are threatening the fragile economies of developing countries such as Palestine and the future of our planet on a daily basis. Indeed, solid emissions from domestic as well as industrial and transport activities, are at the root of proven climate change and its negative impacts in many environmental sectors.

That is why we recycle materials, both organic and non-organic to improve waste management. We also promote cultivation or crops and water testing. All these different methods were explained to the public on information sheets strategically displayed next to the different exhibits on the roof top garden of Lajee.

We specially would like to acknowledge you and thank you for coming to the Environment Festival, for taking part in this opening ceremony of the garden and for the validation of our projects promoting the environmental cause.


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