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Environmental Unit Exhibition of Recycled Materials

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The environment unit at Lajee Center along with the people of Aida Camp are so proud to present their first Recycled Art Exhibition including art made with recycled materials. Local people from Aida Camp and Bethlehem City, the families of participants, and the local media came together to celebrate this creative and inspiring work by a talented team of young teenagers and their teacher Shatha Al-Azzah.


The environment unit was founded two years ago with generous help from the WSSS team from Tufts University,, the Pontifical Mission, and recently Al-Awda: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, as well as many people who believe of our rights and freedom. For the past two years, the environment unit team has been working on water testing and quality in the camp, as well as helping families learn about agriculture and how to maintain rooftop gardens, and experimenting with lots of recycling materials to encourage the community, especially the young generation to become more and more aware of the environment locally and globally. Check our website for previous work and projects that the environment team did.


The goal of the exhibition and of the environment unit in general is to encourage our community, especially the young generation to think about the environment around them in new, different, and creative way, as well as to promote recycling of different forms of materials. As well as to create a space for our youth where they can challenge their abilities in creative and fun way that is completely new to them.


The exhibition includes mirrors, clocks, shelves, installations, tables, chairs, pots, candles, toys, and candles holders, all were made from materials that the students gathered from their homes and the camp. Not only that, the participants were inspired to publish their first magazine called “The Green Camp”written in English and Arabic, and includes articles from them about their work and projects in the environment unit. 




It was a beautiful day for us at Lajee and in the camp seeing the youth happy of their achievement and their families very proud of them. This is due to their hard work and the generosity of our friends and partners in, WSSS, Al-Awda, and the Pontifical Mission. Keep supporting our work to keep the hope alive, and to empower our community until peace and justice are achieved.





“I was amazed by all the people who came to the exhibition… it’s a strong sign of the strength of the community here. I think what the children have mad with the recycled materials is really beautiful. It’s great that they will be able to use the skills they have learned at home and that there is a big push to raise ecological awareness.”

  • Miguel Rodrigues, Madrid, Spain


“Shatha and the volunteers have created a wonderful exhibition here. It’s incredible what such a small group of youth with limited resources are able to do here. I think the ideas that they promote are incredibly important.Lajee Center really does a great job at supporting this kind of work.”

  • AllaDajnam, Aida Camp


“We’ve made many things here at the environment unit and we are proud of ourselves. We have really learned a lot from participating in the project. Now we have a very strong connection to the environment.”

  • Sarah, volunteer for the Environmental Unit


“I am very happy that the exhibition was a great success, the students have worked very hard over the past two months to create all the recycled products we have on display. I feel like we have managed to achieve a lot in the unit and I’m excited for us to continue our work. It was a wonderful moment seeing the smile on everyone’s faces here today. The best part for me was seeing how proud the parents were of their children and really believing in them, to me this was the greatest success of the day.”

  • ShathaAlazza, director of the environment unit


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