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Lajee wraps up 16th international summer camp

Last month, Lajee Center wrapped up the 16th International Summer Camp, which included 27 participants of ten different nationalities, including Britain, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Scotland, Ireland and the U.S.  

The rich camp, which lasted for 13 days starting 1 August, held various educational and recreational activities.


In order to learn more about Palestine, the participants went on field trips to different areas in the West Bank. They visited Al-Walajeh village, northwest of Bethlehem, where they met with a family whose home is threatened with demolition by the Israeli Occupation. In addition, the participants visited Kobar village near Ramallah and the old city of Hebron which is surrounded by extremist Israeli settlers who daily attack and assault the Palestinians there. 


The group also visited Defense for Children International (DCI) offices to learn about the rights of children in Palestine and the Israeli arrests against juveniles. To also learn about the prisoner's situation, the group visited Addameer organization for prisoner studies. In addition, they visited the biggest refugee camp in the West Bank, Balata camp, and Al-Najah national University, located in Nablus city, northern West Bank.


Other educational activities included lectures about the culture and history of Palestine, water situation, prisoner's lives in Israeli jails, and women under occupation.

 The participants also had Arabic language classes, visited cultural museums, media outlets, and resorts in Palestine. They attended documentary film screenings, and carried out volunteer work in the Lajee garden, where they installed water pipes and cleaned the garden.


To their part, the participants all said they gained important knowledge enriched their awareness about Palestine, with having the balance between intensive sessions and still having time to relax, adding that this program allowed them to understand the Palestinian experiences through being here and engaging with locals who resist the occupation every day.


Participants expressed hopes to return back to Palestine and meet with the friendly and generous people they have met and became friends with. They also expressed thanks to the leader of the program, Mohammad AlAzza, whom they said had brilliantly managed and coordinated all the activities along with the team of Lajee center.


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