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Israeli forces arrest two high school students during early morning raids in Aida

            Hundreds of Israeli soldiers entered Aida Camp in the early morning hours of February 2, arresting 12 camp residents, including four underaged men. The soldiers broke into several houses waking, searching and harassing residents. According to family members, the young men arrested were aggressively taken from their homes with no explanation as to why they were being detained. Their families still have no information regarding where or for how long they are being held. Among those arrested were Abdallah Hamad and Mohammad Awies. Both are 17-year-old high school students and active volunteers of the Lajee Center Environment Unit. Over the past week, soldiers have carried out field activities in and around the camp. Thursday’s invasion is part of the routine disturbance and abuse caused by Israeli soldiers. Military operations in the camp have caused irreversible damage to residents, especially children who are being denied their basic right of protection against abuse and harm. The unsafe living conditions in the camp due to constant presence of Israeli military forces deeply affects the health development of children and jeopardizes the future of the community.

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