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Attacks on Aida Camp

Aida refugee camp is the second biggest camp in Bethlehem city. Located at the northern entrance of the city, it is separated from Jerusalem by the Israeli wall, and next to it is an Israeli military camp and tower in which soldiers are stationed 24/7. 

The attacks on the camp have become “normalized” since they happen so frequently. In addition, homes in the camp are continually raided and its children and youths are arrested, some more than once.

For the past three months, Israeli arrests of the youths have shown a sharp rise, especially after the start of the latest “uprising” which began about a year ago, on October 1st, since the clashes with soldiers in Bethlehem were at Rachel’s Tomb site, right outside of the camp.

On 21 Sept, some 20 Israeli soldiers broke into the camp, while snipers spread at the rooftops of houses in the camp. After that, soldiers surrounded a house in an attempt to arrest a 15-year-old teen but then arrested two others, taking them to a military point in Bethlehem. Clashes broke out in the camp following the break-in and the arrest where youths threw stones and soldiers responded with live ammunition.

Dozens of Palestinian children have been arrested in such raids, and the camp was completely shut for hours by military jeeps, preventing people from entering or leaving it.

For long now, Israeli forces have targeted Palestinian homes with toxic teargas, causing danger to their lives.

This is the usual sequence of events that takes place leading to arrests, clashes or injuries that might be light or lethal.   

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