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Recently, Israeli forces have been carrying more intense attacks on the Aida camp, directly targeting the Lajee cultural center, staff and members. 

Located in Aida refugee camp next to the Israeli wall and a military camp where soldiers are stationed 24/7, Lajee sits at the “contact point” in Aida, where clashes happen on a regular basis, an almost daily.

These are two of the most recent attacks on the center:

On Monday afternoon, 19 Sept 2016, an Israeli military jeep descended from the military point that is located at the northern entrance of Aida, 100 meters above the center, and a second jeep parked at the opposite side, surrounding the area of the center. Soldiers then began throwing teargas and shooting rubber-coated metal bullets in the camp, causing clashes with the youth and children, causing partial damage to a window and a door of the center.

Following that, the soldiers directly targeted the building of Lajee with teargas grenades and rubber bullets while the children were inside of it. However, they managed to escape from the center without any injuries.

On Tuesday evening, 20 Sept 2016, the Israeli attacks on Lajee have escalated. During clashes in the camp, the soldiers deliberately opened the gate of the center, threw teargas grenades inside the building and then closed the gate, trapping the children inside of it inhaling toxic teargas.

 In addition, on the same day an Israeli military jeep stood in the middle of the main road of the camp, and prevented its residents from leaving it, while it was still throwing teargas. 

 Israeli Forces continuously break into the Aida camp and have broken into the center dozens of times, arrested staff, causing panic to the children and staff. These attacks are ongoing and keep growing to become more threatening to the lives of children and staff of Lajee.

On September 10, an Israeli soldier opened fire at a CCTV camera outside of the center while they were throwing gas at the entrance of the camp.

On September 1, Israeli soldiers broke into the center to arrest children, under the claims that they were throwing stones on the soldiers. However, none of the children were taken after the intervention of the director of the center and an international psychiatrist. 

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