This year the summer has arrived early in Aida Refugee Camp. People in the camp experience the summer not only through heat, but also through the lack of clean water. Israel takes around 80% of the total amount of water in Palestine and leaves around 20% for Palestinians. In nearly 100 degree temperatures, families in the camp require a great amount of water to clean, cook, and bathe, especially since half of the residents of the camp are children. But the nearly 6,000 residents of Aida have been forced to get by with very little water. Last year half of the camp received no running water for more than 70 days, and they had to make do with water stored in tanks.


Another serious problem that people in Aida Camp face is the high level of bacteria that grows inside their rooftop water tanks. Many people in the camp have metal tanks, and because running water does not come often, bacteria grows in the water, which leads to sickness, especially among children. In an attempt to ease the problem, Lajee Center is distributing plastic water tanks to the families who are in need in Aida Camp. This project has been made possible by our U.S.-based partner, 1for3, an organization with experience working on water crises. These new white tanks are also antibacterial, providing an extra benefit over the older tanks camp residents have. So far we have succeeded to distribute 29 tanks, and this is only the beginning. We deeply thank 1for3 and many generous individuals who have contributed to 1for3 for this great project. We at Lajee hope to continue our partnership with 1for3 and the U.S team in order to reduce the suffering of people in regards to water, not only in Aida Camp but in all of Palestine.

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